Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday ....... July!

“There was a star danced, and under that was I born.”
- William Shakespeare

A little birthstone history, fact, lore and legend.
I won't try to play favorites...but July has to be one of the best birthday months. I love the hot lazy summer days with a swim in the lake to cool off, picnics, flip flops, Independence Day celebrations with fireworks that last all month long!

If you were born in July you are introspective and intense, you tend to be a deep thinker. You are quiet and spiritual - and you have a unique perspective on life.

Your soul reflects: Lightness, luck and an open heart.
Your colors are green and red.
 July's flower is the Water Lily, it is known as the "Queen of the Water." According to Indian legend the water lily was once a star that fell from the sky into the water and changed into a flower.

July's traditional birthstone is the ruby...
The Ruby's rich red color speaks of love and passion and fire. Some have said that the July birthstone gets its color from an everlasting eternal fire, which cannot be extinguished. This makes it the perfect representation of eternal love.
 Called the "Rajnapura" or King of Gems by the ancient Hindus in India, July's birthstone is one of the most treasured gems throughout history. With its deep red color and glow many people considered the ruby to have magical powers.

 Early myths and legends about rubies are that they can be used to foretell danger, the color of the stone turning deeper and darker as danger approaches. 

Like many stones it was also thought to hold curative properties. Ruby, ground into a fine powder and ingested, was an early cure for indigestion. Ruby, because of its color, was thought to purify the blood, meaning it could act a an antidote for poison as well.

If you were born in July and wear a ruby (or rubies) in July ancient lore has it that the Ruby will bring good fortune to you.

The ruby is so fantastic that all agree it is the modern, traditional and mystical stone for July! 

So Happy Birthday July, Happy Birthday America.....and happy Birthday *me*

“I want to be an artist
To paint pictures just for you,
So when each birthday comes around,
I can send you quite a few.”
- Anonymous


  1. Happy brthday to you and me! Mine is next week ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Kristina! Have a great day, and thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. Are Americans believing in gemstones now? Thanks for an knowledgeable datas about Rubi. And also advice happy birthday wishes for your upcoming July.