Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 It's been to long, and I think it's time for another Nostalgic Summer **GIVEAWAY!**

This giveaway will be FUN, a little different, and just a tiny bit of work for you. Here are all the details;

Nostalgic Summer LOVES making jewelry that makes you HAPPY...but we hardly ever see you happily wearing your new Nostalgic Summer Jewelry, so..........We here at NS would LOVE to see pictures of EVERYONE in their NS jewelry!

Here's how this will work: Don't be shy...put on your NS jewelry, your prettiest smile, and take a pic of yourself and send it to
We will do a blog post with all the photos...and YES photoshop is allowed! (believe me, my hair and ahum...eyes need a touch of photoshop)

Now for the **GIVEAWAY** part!!! YEAH! Everyone who sends in a picture will be eligible. The prize will be $100 worth of NS jewelry! The drawing will be random so everyone has an equal chance to win!
So comb, your hair, put on some lipstick, and your NS jewelry, be creative, and send your photos to:

Please send photos by June 26th.
Don't let Audrey & Lily down.....they would love to see you looking as GREAT in your jewelry as they do in theirs!

 Spread the word to everyone you know who owns a Nostalgic Summer piece.

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  1. Giveaways are always good. I keep applying for different giveaway contents but never won any of them. I hope I win this time. Thanks for arranging such contents for your fans and readers.