Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sweet Anniversary....

“Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.” ~Gene Perret

I recently had the honor of creating a necklace for a customer, as a gift to her grandmother for her 60th anniversary.

As I thought about this milestone in her life, I was a bit nervous to be the one creating this special keepsake. Would it honor the love and devotion of a 60 year relationship?

So I researched anniversaries, and found the gift and meaning for 60 years. The tradition of celebrating a 60th anniversary came into popularity after Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. The gemstone is a diamond and the color is diamond white.

Here is the piece I made. I used vintage crystals to represent diamonds and antique milk glass beads for some white. I added a small gold heart along with the crystal hanging from a sweet little bird charm.

Happy 6oth to S’s grandmother, may you celebrate many more!


  1. Beautiful piece! I love that you put so much time, energy and care into researching the meaning of the 60th. Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle Root, MISC Root

  2. Thank you Michelle. That's the fun part of what I do. And.....I am a hopeless romantic!:)

  3. what a beautiful necklace she will just love it i'm sure.

  4. That is so beautiful! I found you on the Build Your Blog team on Etsy and I'm so glad I did...your jewelry is awesome :)


  5. Isn't research fun? I love doing things like that. Making something extra special by putting a lot of time and effort into. Saw that you joined our group on Etsy and wanted to visit your blog. Beautiful jewelry.

  6. I hope she loved it! its beautiful. New follower from etsy

  7. You did a wonderful and beautiful job! :)


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    I love your work.
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