Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jewelry Trends 2012

So… you all know how I love to research. Well I’ve been checking out the jewelry trends for 2012. And I am happy to say Nostalgic Summer is very comfortable with what’s hitting the runways this year. Reused, recycled, vintage, pearls, crosses - 2012’s jewelry trends sound very familiar to me. Here are the top ten trends we will be seeing this year 1. Handmade jewelry. Got this one in the bag! 2. Antique and classic jewelry. What more can I say, I’m a vintage jewelry junkie.
3. Natural jewelry with a flora & fauna inspiration. 4. Bright colored jewelry. Like the bright colors in our vintage advertising art pendants.
5. Bold, big and chunky. 6. Blues, turquoise, navy, aqua, dark blue and azure. I am in love with the blues!
7. Crosses. I guess by know you all know my love for vintage religious items.
8. Pendant necklaces. I've just introduced a line of big bold pendants.available soon on Etsy. Here's a sneak peek.
9. Gemstones and crystals. 10. Pearls and beads. For me, these last two are a given. You can never have enough gemstones, crystals, pearls or beads!
And it is good to see major designer getting on the green bandwagon. Here’s a quote from “Green Eco Conscious” Movement It is actually sweet to witness eco-friendly things on the runways - this only means designers have learned (although forcefully) to be more resourceful and see beauty in other materials. Such as Mari & Lani Davis, Alex and Ani, and Tamra Gentry are concerned with “recycle and reuse” philosophies in their styles. Whether its plainly about recycling with plastic milk cartons, utilized newspapers, or whatever trash there is… fascinating and thrilling jewelry is literally popping up just about everywhere. And personally, it’s all about how things are put together, regardless of materials." I would say these great trends make it easy for everyone to find their style this year. Visit Nostalgic Summer’s Etsy shop for our interpretation of these trends. Read more about the trends here.


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