Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday....June

"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June." ~ Al Bernstein
A little birthstone history, fact, lore and legend.
Ah June.... It could be the perfect month, spring rain is over, summer begins and the dreaded heat hasn't started!

The flowers of June are the rose and honeysuckle. 
In one Greek myth, the rose was created by the goddess of flowers, Chloris.
"One day, she found the lifeless body of a nymph in the woods and she turned her into a flower. She called upon Aphrodite, goddess of love, and Dionysus, the god of wine. Aphrodite gave the flower beauty as her gift and Dionysus added nectar to give it a sweet fragrance. Zephyrus, god of the West Wind, blew the clouds away so Apollo, the sun god, could shine and make the flower bloom. That is how the rose was created and crowned the "Queen of Flowers."
                                          Wild Roses
 June's traditional birthstone is alexandrite, the modern birthstones are pearl and moonstone.

Alexandrite is the rarest of all gems and was first discovered in Russia in 1831 during the reign of its namesake, Czar Alexander II. Alexandrite is chrysoberyl with chameleon-like qualities, its color is a lovely green in both daylight and fluorescent light; it changes color to a purplish red in incandescent light.

 June's modern birthstone the PEARL:
 LOVE.......... well you all know how I feel about vintage pearls!

 Indian legend has it that pearls were heavenly dew drops than fell to the sea. In India, ancient warriors attached the pearls to their weapons to symbolize the tears and sorrow of those slain by the weapons.

Pearls are unique as they are the only gems from living sea creatures and require no faceting or polishing to reveal their natural beauty. 

Wearing pearls brings wisdom through experience, quickens the "law of karma",  brings engagements and love relationships.
They are used for love charms, and healing charms, to protect against fire, to ward off evil.

                                          Pearl Bib Necklace
The Moonstone:
Moonstone in an alternative June birthstone and is also one of the mystical birthstones. Like pearls, moonstones can come in a variety of colors and have a particular shimmer called adularescence.

                                                   Moonstone by Amy Brown

In India it is said to bring good fortune and is regarded as a sacred stone. Legend also has it that the moonstone arouses tender passion and so is perfect for lovers. In asian philosophy the Moonstone balances the yin and the yang forces.

 "If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance. " ~ Bern Williams

Happy Birthday June ......and a special Happy Birthday to my "June Baby" husband John!


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