Saturday, February 2, 2013

Introducing.... Été Nostalgique De Luxe!

Été Nostalgique De Luxe is our newest Etsy Shop.

Été Nostalgique De Luxe is the grown up sister to Nostalgic Summer. She's a bit more sophisticated and anxious to explore and experiment with fashion. She has an elegant sense of style, romantic yet unconventional, timeless yet contemporary.

I am so excited to open this new shop and offer pieces that are a bit more elegant, something for a special occasion, special gift, or as a lasting piece to your collection.

Here's a bit of what you will see at Été Nostalgique De Luxe:
 Victorian Brass Clip Necklace .....Now available.

 Lovely in Red Pendant.....Now available    

To My Love Pendant......Now available
Lovely Swallow Necklace.....Now available

I am so excited about this new shop...I hope you will visit and come back to let me know what you think. Été Nostalgique De Luxe on Etsy!

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